Daily Schedule

Topics and materials for each day of class.

Date Topic Reading Material
Tue Jan 13 Introduction How to Use a Breadboard
Light-emmiting Diodes (LEDs)
Blinking an LED
Activity 1
Thu Jan 15 Circuits What is Electricity?
Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Ohm’s Law
What is a Circuit?
Activity 2
Tue Jan 20 Simulating Circuits Getting Started with Qucs Activity 3
Thu Jan 22 Analog Input Voltage Dividers
Analog to Digital Conversion
Reading a Poteniometer
Activity 4
Tue Jan 27 Analog Output Analog vs. Digital
Pulse-width Modulation
Driving an RGB LED
Activity 5
Thu Jan 29 Parallel Circuits Series and Parallel Circuits Activity 6
Tue Feb 3 Multiple Outputs Driving Multiple LEDs Activity 7
Thu Feb 5 No Class
Tue Feb 10 Digital Input Pull-up Resistors
Push Buttons
Activity 8
Thu Feb 12 Mapping Input to Output Reading a Photoresistor Activity 9
Tue Feb 17 No Class
Thu Feb 19 Serial Output and Sound Output Reading a Temperature Sensor
Using a Piezo Buzzer
Activity 10
Tue Feb 24 Motors, Transistors, and Diodes Motors
Driving a Motor
Activity 11
Thu Feb 26 Servo Motors Motors
Driving a Servo Motor
Activity 12
Tue Mar 10 Relays Switch Basics
Using Relays
Activity 13
Thu Mar 12 Soldering How to Solder Activity 14
Tue Mar 17 Serial to Parallel Shift Registers
Integrated Circuits
Using a Shift Register
Activity 15
Thu Mar 19 3D Modeling and Printing Sketch Up Tutorials
Afinia 3D Guides
Activity 16
Tue Mar 24 Project 1 Demos
Thu Mar 26 Maze