Assignment 5


Create a circuit that plays a simple game of Simon. Simon is a toy that flashes a series of colored lights and the player has to remember the pattern and recreate it by pressing buttons. The circuit should have 2 LEDs (one yellow and one red) and 2 push buttons. The circuit should display a sequence of LED flashes. Only one LED should be lit at a time, the flashes should always be the same duration, and each flash should be separated by a period with both LEDs unlit. After the sequence of flashes the circuit should record a sequence of button presses that is the same length as the number of flashes. If the sequence of button presses corresponds to the LEDs that flashed, both LEDs should be lit, letting the player know that they won, otherwise both LEDs should remain unlit.


Please show your source code and demonstrate your circuit during class on Tuesday February 17th.