Final Project


RoboCup is a robotics competition held every year where teams of robots play soccer. For the final project we will have a miniature version of the RoboCup.

The game consists of a pitch that is 3’ x 4’ with 3" walls around the exterior. Two autonomous robots will play a game against each other where the goal is to get as many 1" foam cubes into its goal in a fixed time. The goals, one black, one not black, are the entire 6" exterior of the pitch. The interior of the pitch is striped to facilitate robot orientation.

A few other rules:

  1. Robots can start anywhere on the side opposite its goal.
  2. Robot dimensions must be less than 8" x 8" x 8“.
  3. Robots can intentionally interact with each other, but not intentionally disable one another.
  4. A goal counts only if the entire cube is inside the goal region when time runs out.
  5. Cubes can be moved out of the opponents goal at any time.
  6. You can pickup and restart your robot, as at the start of the game, at the cost of your opponent picking up any one cube and moving it anywhere.


During class on Thursday April 23rd we will have the RoboCup tournament. It will consist of round-robin play where every robot will play a single game against every other robot. Each robot will be scored by the total number of goals scored.


Your robot will be graded according to the following criteria:


Your circuit and script will be graded for both functionality and style. Please submit your code to Inquire before class and demonstrate your robot during class on Thursday April 23rd.