Computational Aspects of E‑commerce

Daily Schedule

Topics and materials for each day of class.

Date Topic In-class Due
Mon May 11 HTML Introduction HTML Basics
HTML Basics II
Activity 1
Tue May 12 CSS Introduction HTML Basics III
CSS: An Overview
Activity 2
Site Evaluation
Wed May 13 CSS Element Positioning CSS Selectors
CSS Positioning
Activity 3
Site Comparison
Thu May 14 Guest Speaker Teresa Gereaux
JQuery Introduction
Introduction to JQuery
JQuery Functions and Selectors
Activity 4
Article Summary
Fri May 15 Dynamic HTML Modifying HTML Elements
JQuery Events
Activity 5
Mon May 18 JQuery Effects JQuery Effects
Activity 6
Site Proposal
Tue May 19 Bootstrap Make a Website: Bootstrap
Activity 7
Site Map
Wed May 20 PHP Introduction Introduction to PHP
Conditionals and Control Flow
Activity 8
Site Design
Thu May 21 PHP Arrays & Loops Arrays
For Loops in PHP
Activity 9
Testing Proposal
Fri May 22 PHP Functions Functions, Part I
Functions, Part II
Activity 10
Daily Schedule
Tue May 26 Project Progress Report
Wed May 27 Project Progress Report
Thu May 28 Project Progress Report
Fri May 29 Project Presentations Final Project