Fundamentals of Computer Science I

Assignment 8

Final Project

You have learned a lot over the course of this semester, so it is time for you to show everyone how much. This assignment is very open ended. So much so, that a description doesn't so much make sense. You can do essentially anything you want!


This assignment is open ended, but there are a few restrictions:


You must write up a short (1-2 paragraph) description for your proposed assignment. You should make sure to describe:

This is due by the end of class on Monday, Nov. 28th.


On Friday, December 9th 2016, We will have a showcase event during our final class period. During this time, you will be asked to give a breif demo of your project to the rest of the class. You should be prepared to answer questions about how your code works, and why you decided to undertake this project.


Grading for this assignment is slightly different than previous assignments. It will be graded according to the following criteria and percentages:


Bonus points may be awarded to programs that are viewed favorable by your fellow students. It is in your best interest to do your best!


Submit your program on the course Inquire page before class on Friday December 9th.