CPSC220A: Fundamental of Computer Science III
Fall 2007

Dr. Adrienne Bloss
MWF 9:40-10:40 Trexler 271


Useful material Homework Programs
Using PuTTY to connect to CS
Online Java documentation
Introduction to Mathematical Induction
Fill-In-The-Blank Proof by Induction
Solutions to Fill-In-The-Blank Proof by Induction
Solving Recurrence Relations
Homework 1: Review
Homework 2: More Review
Homework 3: Review of Proof by Induction
Homework 4: Quicksort
Homework 5: Testing Quicksort
Homework 6: More Testing and Recurrence Relations
Homework 7: Intro to Binary Trees
Homework 8: Basic Binary Tree Code
Homework 9: Binary Search Trees
Homework 10: Heaps
Lab: Using a Heap to Implement a Priority Queue
Homework 11: AVL Trees
Homework 12: Red-Black Trees
Homework 13: 2-3-4 Trees
Homework 14: Project Preparation
Program 1: Employment Data
Program 2: Ranking Employers
Program 3: A Balanced Binary Search Tree