CPSC 220 Fall 2007
HW 14: Project Preparation

The homework assignment that we discussed in class and that I described in my e-mail is outlined below. Let me know if you have any questions.


Our goal is to produce a working, useful program for Matt Miller that allows the user to: We will invite Matt back during the last week of class -- probably Wed, Dec 5 -- view the final product and give us feedback.


First we need to fix up some preliminary elements: Kristin, Tim, and Jared will take on the GUI task. Steven, Myles and Kyle will take on the data task. For Wednesday each group must meet to plan their task, bringing a clear description of their plan to the class for discussion. Plans should include the following elements: After presenting their design and getting feedback from the class on Wed, each group will have until Monday to implement their piece. Next week we'll work on putting in the meat of the program. As we discussed, time is short. A rough schedule is shown below. Items in square brackets are topics we will discuss in class and through homework that may not be directly related to the project.

Week of Monday Wednesday Friday
Nov 5 Assign preliminary tasks (GUI, data) Designs for preliminary tasks due; present to class [Hashing]
Nov 12 -Code for preliminary tasks due; present to class
-Assign efficient searching tasks (AVL trees, R-B trees, possibly other)
[Graphs] [Graphs]
Nov 19 -Efficient search code due; present to class
-Make final interface and functionality decisions and assign tasks to carry out
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Nov 26 [Graph algorithms] [Graph algorithms] Test 3
Dec 3 Dry run of demonstration Present final project to Matt Miller Wrap up