Database Systems

Project 2

Data Analysis App

For the second project you will broaden your database skills demonstrate your ability to learn new technologies by creating a mobile app that allows users to enter and analyze data.


The mobile app can be related to anything you want, including the same as the first project, but it must meet the following requirements.

The app should be written using React Native and the Realm database.


You can choose to collaborate with a partner for this assignment. If you do, both partners must work on the same computer and actively contribute to every line of code. Only one partner needs to submit code, but both partners names should be in the code.


Your project will be evaluated according to the following requirements:

  1. Complex database

    a.   The database should have multiple objects.
    b.   The database should have at least one to-one relationship.
    c.   The database should have at least one to-many relationship.
  2. Interesting analysis

    a.   The analysis should provide non-obvious insights about the data.
    b.   The analysis should be customizable by the user.
  3. Modify the data

    a.    The database should be initialized with a large set of data.
    b.    The user should be able to add new data.
    c.    The user should be able to modify existing data.
  4. User Interface

    a.   The user interface should be intuitive and easy to use.


Submit a zip file containing your project’s source code to the course Inquire page before class on Friday, April 27th. Be prepared to present your project during class.