Living an Examined Life

Article Presentation 1

Description of the Course’s First Oral Presentation.

For the course’s first oral presentation, you will select and present an article on robot ethics.


Refer to the article list and presentation schedule for the article and day you will be responsible for presenting. The presentation should be a short formal presentation with visual aids. The presentation should:

Turtoring Session

Practice and constructive feedback will help you improve your presentation skills. Before giving your oral presentation during class, I would like you to practice your presentation and get feedback for improving it from a tutor in the writing center. There is an online form You can set up an appointment with a tutor (or at the writing center) online.

I would like you to reflect on the feedback that you receive from your writing center session. To this end, please write some the advice, tips, or recommendations that you received during the session.

Class Discussion

After delivering your oral presentation you will be the class’s foremost expert on the topic of your selected article. As such, I would like your assistance in leading the class discussion after your presentation. To that end, I would like you to prepare a list of at least 4 questions related to your selected article. At least 1 of the questions should relate the article to a reading in “The Fundamentals of Ethics”.


Your oral presentation will be evaluated according to the criteria Visual Aids, Eye Contact, Mannerisms, and Verbal Skills of the Roanoke College Oral Communications Rubric. Your presentation grade will be calcualted using the following point distributions:


Please submit your presentation slides, tutoring session reflection, and class discussion questions on the course Inquire page before the class on the day of your presentation.