CPSC430A Senior Seminar
Spring 2007

Dr. Adrienne Bloss            Tues-Thurs 1:10-2:40           Trexler 271


Useful material Homework and Assignments Due Date/Topic Date
Cryptography and Network Security web site

ACM Code of Ethics

ACM Special Interest Group for Computers and Society

ACM Computing and Public Policy site

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

HW 1: Introduction to Symmetric Encryption
Thurs, Jan 18
HW 2: Hill Cipher and Enigma
Tues, Jan 23
HW 3: Implementing SDES Tues, Jan 30
HW 4: Two Readings Thurs, Feb 1
Intrusion Detection Tues, Feb 6
Alan Turing and Enigma Thurs, Feb 8
Cracking DES Tues, Feb 13
Viruses and Worms Thurs, Feb 15
Quantum Cryptography Tues, Feb 20
Digital Certificates Thurs, Feb 22
Web Security Tues, Feb 27
HW 11: Too Many Books!
Ethics Reflection
Tues, March 20
Ethics Project
Additional Guidelines

Jared Net Neutrality
Drew Consumer Information
Jessica Women in Computing
Boz Waste Management
Scotty Real Money Transfer
Hampton State of the EULA
James Electronic Voting

Outline presentation: Tues 3/27
Paper draft: Tues 4/3
4/10 - Jared and Drew
4/12 - Jessica & Boz
4/17 - Scotty & Hampton
4/19 - James

Final paper due Mon 4/23