CPSC 430 Spring 2007
Computers and Society: Project Outline


To produce a well researched, high quality argument about what should be done regarding a selected problem related to computers and society and to present this argument orally and in writing.

Project Outline

Choose a topic. Possibilities include but are not limited to those below: Each of these is very broad, of course. You will have to select one or two important issues within the area you choose.

Do preliminary research. Present preliminary questions and findings to the class for feedback.

Write a paper draft. Bring to class and share with one or two others for feedback.

Present your argument orally. Give a short (30-40 mins), formal (PP or other high-quality visual aid) presentation for the class.

Present your argument in writing. Present your full argument in a final paper, 5-10 pages in length.


Date         Activity
Tuesday, March 20 Assign topics
Tuesday, March 27 Present topic outlines for feedback in class
Tuesday, April 3 Turn in paper drafts; share in class
Tuesday, April 10 Presentations 1 & 2
Thursday, April 12 Presentations 3 & 4
Tuesday, April 17 Presentations 5 & 6
Tuesday, April 19 Presentation 7

Additional Notes

Your treatment of the topic must include both broad (global/national) and local elements. In particular, you will be expected to examine your argument in the context of our city, region, and/or state.

Each student will choose and research his or her own topic. Each student will also play a supporting role in one other student's topic. The role of the supporter is to serve as a sounding board and coach in helping the first student research, construct, and present his or her argument.

As indicated on the syllabus, the presentation and paper each count 15% of the final grade. These are broken down as follows:

Presentation Paper
Component    %       Component    %      
Preliminary outline 15 Response to comments on draft 15
Final presentation 75 Comments on others' drafts 10
Partner's final presentation 10 Final paper 75
Presentation Total 100% Paper Total 100%