CPSC425A: Principles of Programming Languages
Spring 2006

Dr. Adrienne Bloss
MWF 1:10-2:10
Trexler 271


Useful material Assignments
Notes on top down parsing
Computing predict sets
Running SML under Emacs
Standard ML of NJ home page
ML Tutorial
Gnu Prolog home page
Gnu Prolog documentation
HW 1: Grammars and Syntax
HW 2: More Grammars and Syntax
HW 3: Ambiguous Grammars
HW 4: Top Down Parsing
HW 5: More Top Down Parsing
HW 6: Making a Grammar LL(1)
HW 7: Introduction to ML
HW 8: More ML -- Patterns and Local Variables
HW 9: Even More ML -- Quicksort
HW 10: Lexer
HW 11: Higher Order Functions
HW 12: More Higher Order Functions
HW 13: Datatypes and Yet More Higher Order Functions
HW 14: Huffman Coding
HW 15: Scope
HW 16: The Runtime Environment
HW 17: Parameters
HW 18: Introduction to Prolog
HW 19: More Prolog
History of programming languages paper and presentation