CPSC 425 Spring 2006
HW 7: Introduction to ML

Read Chapter 5 of Webber ("A First Look at ML") and do exercises 1-15. At the beginning of the exercises (on p. 83 in my version) it talks about creating a .sml file and loading it into the ML system. This .sml file is what you should turn in. Note that you can insert comments in the file by surrounding them with (* *), e.g., (* this is a comment *). (I'm not sure if they can span multiple lines; try it and see.) Test all of your functions; if any do not work when you submit the homework, indicate the problem -- error message or erroneous output -- in a comment.

We are running Standard ML of New Jersey, which is the implementation described in the text. To get to the repl just log on to cs and type sml to the prompt. Let me know if you have any trouble. There is a link to the SML/NJ home page on the class web site.