CPSC220A: Fundamentals of Computer Science III
Fall 2003

Instructor: Dr. Bloss
Time: MWF, 9:10am -- 10:10am
Place: Trexler 363


Useful material

Using PuTTY to connect to CS
Online Java documentation
Online servlet documentation (see package java.servlet.http)
Hashing Exercises
Balanced Tree Exercises
Sorting Exercises
Radix Sort


Homework 1: Binary Trees
Homework 2: Proving Properties of Binary Trees Homework/Lab 3: Using a Heap to Implement a Priority Queue
Homework/Lab 4: Finding Links in HTML Files
Homework/Lab 5: Servlets
Homework 6: Graph Exercises


Program 1: A Token Scanner
Program 2: A Binary Tree Class
Program 3: Frequency Counts
Program 4: Processing Queries
Program 5: Links and a Web Interface
Program 6: Assorted Improvements