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Recursive Median Sampling Blob Detection

Thomas Lux

tags: Summer Research

Blob detection is research that looks at finding patches

Quantification of Immersion in Video Games

Derek LaFever

tags: Summer Research

Virtual reality has been thought to be more immersive tha

Mathematical Model of Graphics Cards

Randall Pittman

tags: Summer Research

The graphics card is a high-speed processor that is commo

Computational Modeling of the pre-Bötzinger

Maya Shende

tags: Summer Research

The part of the brainstem which control

Robotic Localization and Mapping

Thomas Lux and Randall Pittman

tags: Summer Research

Computing a map of an environment is relatively easy, i

Beat and Emotion Tracking Mobile Radio

John Guidry

tags: Summer Research

While exercising, people are often too focused

BDAS Graphical Passwords

TJ Kemper

tags: Senior Research

Graphical password schemes have become a much bi

Instrument Identification

Allen Kirby

tags: Senior Research

Determining which instrument is being played in