The main computer lab used by the computer science department consists of 24 computers (plus one instructor station). Each computer can load either the Windows operating system or Ubuntu Linux, the operating system of choice in the CS department. A small study lounge is attached to the lab, with professor offices immediately behind the study lounge.


Some projects require more processing power than a standard computer can handle. The computer science department owns and operates 12 node cluster for more intensive computations. This environment is mostly used for student research projects, as well as the Parallel Computing class. The student chapter of the ACM also spent time configuring the cluster for cloud computing.


The cave is a large, immersive display environment intended for research in graphics, computer interfaces, and visualization. The cave consists of 3 wall sized screens with an expanded field of view to immerse the user in the running program. Students have used this environment for 3D modeling and environment exploration, as well as video game immersion studies.