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Post Lab 5

More problem solving logic puzzles for today. This is a slightly different one for today. This one is more about the logical thinking behind the statements below.


A logic grid puzzle consists of a scenario where you are trying to match some number of disjoint sets based off of a set of logical statements. To accomplish this, you will fill in a grid built from these disjoint sets. For any given block of the grid, each row and each column can only have one positive answer (which we typically represent with an 'o'). Your goal is to fill out the grid, such that each block has one 'o' in each row and column. Consider the following Scenario:

There are three kittens named Kody, Kaleb, and Kraig. They all have different colored fur: orange, blue, and yellow. They also live in different houses: the hotel, the mansion, and the condo. You have to figure out the fur color of each kitten and which house they live in.

This exercise is a slightly modified version of the logic puzzle found on the Braingle webpage at: http://www.braingle.com/brainteasers/24698/kitty-katastrophe.html.


Please complete this worksheet before class on Monday.