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Post Lab 0

One of the major topics that we must discuss this semester is problem solving. You need to be able to see a problem, and recognize how to solve the problem. One way we are going to accomplish that this semester is through the occasional logic puzzle for you to solve. Today is the first of those.


A cryptogram is a fancy name for a substitution cipher. You likely cannot read the quote below as it is written. However, you do have the skills to decode what the quote says. What you know is that every occurance of the letter 'a' below corresponds to the same letter in the original quote. Given this knowledge, plus what you know about the English language, you should be able to decode this message.

For example, In the following quote the letter 'u' represents either the letter 'i' or the letter 'a', since those are the only two letters that can exist individually in a valid English sentence.

bhsv hf cha umz fubegeum oevq vqz wemvazs hf u rmhpmubbzm. vqzmz umz vqmzz, hf ihamsz: gunetzss, ebruveztiz, utk qaymes.

Your goal, by the next class period, is to decrypt the message written above.


Turn this paper in at the beginning of the next class.