CPSC170A: Fundamentals of Computer Science II
Spring 2002

Instructor: Dr. Bloss
Time: TTh, 9:40am -- 11:10am
Place: Trexler 363


Useful material

Summary of Linux commands
Instructions for getting XWin (to log onto Riddler from Windows)
Test 1 practice exercises
Solutions to Test 1 practice exercises
File I/O example
Java API documentation

Exam Review

Exam Topics


Program 1: Service Hours
Service Hours datafile
Output for Service Hours datafile

Program 2: Inheritance and GUIs

Program 3: Postfix Evaluation

Program 4: Race Data


Lab 0: Arrays
PostLab 0: Grade Histogram

Lab 1: Sorting and Searching

Lab 2: Timing and 2D Arrays

Lab 3: Polygons andPolylines
PostLab 3: Drawing Lines

Lab 4: Inheritance
PostLab 4: Grade Point Average (demo)

Lab 5: More GUIs and Recursion

Lab 6: More Recursion and Inheritance

Lab 7: Recurrence Relations and More Recursion

Lab 8
PostLab 8
Lab 8 and PostLab 8 Solutions

Lab 9: Implementing Stacks

Lab 10: Implementing Queues

Lab 11: Exceptions and I/O

Lab 12: Object I/O