Fundamentals of Computer Science I

Creative Assignment 8

A Board Game.

Lots of classic board games use grids to restrict player movement, think Checkers, Othello, Connect Four, Battleship, or Stratego. The grids in these games are an excellent application of 2D lists in Python. In this assignment you will create a grid-based board game.


Create a Python program that uses the graphics.py and sprite.py modules to recreate a board game. The game can be anything you want, but must do the following:

  1. Use a two-dimensional list.
  2. Have the ability to win or lose.
  3. Be impressive.


Splendiferous games will receive extra credit. I will be the arbiter of whether a game is splendiferous .


Your code should conform to the course’s code conventions and will be graded according the the course’s programming assignment rubric. Submit your code and images as a .zip file on the course Inquire page before class on Friday November 21th.