Fundamentals of Computer Science I

Assignment 7

Create platform or top-down game.


Create either a platform game or a top-down game. The game can be anything you want but must do the following:


Submit your code before class on Friday November 15th.

Your code should conform to the course's code conventions. Create a tar file of your assignment7 directory by navigating to your assignments directory, using the cd command. Then, issue the following command.

    tar czf tarfilename.tgz assignment7/

To verify that the tgz file contains your code run the following command. It should list all of your .py files.

    tar tzf tarfilename.tgz

To submit your activity, go to cseval.roanoke.edu. You should see an available assignment called Assignment 7. Click the submit button and choose the tgz file you created to upload. Only one person per group needs to submit.

Be sure to also copy or email the tgz file to your partner. To extract the files in a tgz file from the terminal use the following command:

    tar xzf tarfilename.tgz