Computer Science 120 A: fundamentals of computer science


Assignment 3 due Friday, November 19
Test 3 on Monday, November 22

course objectives

This course is the first in a three course sequence designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of computer science including the underlying foundations from discrete mathematics. The course focuses on the design of algorithms to solve problems, the basics of mathematical logic, and the implementation of the algorithms in the programming language Java. Students will learn the basic control structures and data structures provided by the Java language, the concepts of objects, classes and methods, and will gain experience in the use of objects (Java classes) in programming and problem-solving. Students will gain familiarity with the UNIX operating system as they develop programs on systems running Linux, a version of UNIX for personal computers.


Trexler 262 (MCSP Lab)
Tues - Thurs 7pm-9pm

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