Seminar Project Guidelines and First Presentations

The goal of the final project is to produce a well-researched paper plus a related more "experiential" component on some topic in computer security. The experiential component can be writing a program to implement some algorithm related to your project or it may involve experimentation with and/or analysis of some related software.

The research component of the project will involve doing general research on the topic to learn the issues involved (what the problems are, what is difficult, what some solutions are both current and those that are the subject of current research, etc.) and the current research in the computer security field. You must include information from at least one computer science research paper describing a specific research study.

The final paper must be a formal paper that includes a bibliography and proper citations. The length of the paper will depend on the mix of research/experiential component in your project. In general it will be at least 5 pages long and most likely should be longer to meet the requirements.

As you know there will also be formal presentations of the projects at the end of the course. The due date for the project is the date of the first presentations. Due date for the first full draft of the paper will be one week before the paper is due. That draft will undergo a review by peers and Dr. Ingram. Any problems identified in the draft, such as a need for better organization or a need for additional research, should be addressed in the final paper.

Possible Final Presentation Dates: To allow 20 minutes for each person (this includes question time and transition time) we need 5 hours and 20 minutes so I would like to schedule 6 hours. We will use the 3 hour exam time on Monday May 2 (8:30 - 11:30) but need 3 more hours. If we use 3 hours outside of class there will be 3 class hours cancelled. The options I see are:

Presentations (Friday, Monday, Wednesday - April 1, 4, 6) - Project Outline

Each person will give a 10 minute presentation on their final project. The presentation should basically be an outline of your project. At this point you should have made substantial progress including having at least 4 sources you will most likely use in the project. This should not be an "off the top of your head" presentation. In particular, it should include:


  1. PowerPoint Slides with your main talking points and diagrams to help the audience understand any concepts you introduce. Your slides should have minimal text but should help the audience follow you by showing the main points. (NOTE: You may use any other presentation software that will run on Windows 7 on the classroom computer.)

  2. The last slide of the presentation should list the correct citation for at least 4 resources you have used so far.

  3. The presentation must be sent to Dr. Ingram at least two hours before class.