CPSC 170 Sub Post Lab 5
Bubble Sort
Due Before Class on Friday, February 18th

The post lab 5 assignment involves creating a graphical illustration of multiple sort algorithms. In addition to selection and insertion sort, it will also illustrate bubble sort. So, for this sub post lab assignment you will add bubble sort to the SortableList class that you crated in lab. The files ArrayList.java and SortableList.java contain the list implementations from lab. The SortableList class has a method bubbleSort that you should complete so that it implements the bubble sort algorithm. The bubble sort algorithm consists of multiple passes over the array. In each pass, all neighboring pairs of elements from lowest to highest are swapped if they are not in-order. Use the JUnit testing file BubbleSortTest.java to test your code and use Checkstyle to verify formatting.

Submission: Tar and submit your code on the course Inquire site.