CPSC 170 Post Lab 4
Level Editor
Due Before Class on Friday, February 11th

For this assignment you will create a level editor for a simple platform game. A platform game is a game where the primary play mechanic is directing a character to jump between platforms. A level editor is a program that allows the user to interactively layout aspects of a game.


You should begin by finishing the game in the file platformer.tar.gz. The game defines a PlatformList class that extends ArrayList. The constructor takes a string for a file name. You should finish the constructor so that it reads a list of platforms from the specified file. You can choose the format that the platform class uses to write to a file. Create a text file containing platforms to test your constructor.

Next, you should create a program that allows the user to specify the location of platforms in a scrollable window. Use some form of mouse input to specify new platform locations (a mouse click would be sufficient). The program should use the same PlatformList class that the game uses to store all of the platforms that have been added. The program should have a File menu with Save and Open menu items. When either of these are selected the program should display a file dialog to open a new platform list, or save the current platform list. Once you have finished the level editor you should test it by creating a level and running the game with the file.

Submission: Tar and submit your code on the course blackboard site.