CPSC 170 Sub Post Lab 12
Two Dimensional Hashtable
Due Before Class on Friday, April 15th

The post lab 12 assignment is to add storing sprites in a hashtable as a fourth option for your 2D game. A two dimensional hash table stores values according to two keys. This can be implemented using a two-dimensional array of linked lists. However, in order to make iterating over the two dimensional hash table efficient for the game the hash function should use division to put similarly valued keys in close proximity.

The file HashMap2D.java contains the outline for a hashtable implementation of a 2D map. It has many of the same methods as the two dimensional map from assignment 10. Complete the methods of the HashMap2D class as specified in the comments. Use the JUnit testing file HashMap2DTest.java to test your code and use Checkstyle to verify formatting.

Submission: Tar and submit your code on the course Inquire site.