CPSC 170 Sub Post Lab 11
Binary Space Partition
Due Before Class on Friday, April 8th

The post lab 11 assignment is to add storing sprites in a binary space parition as a third option for your 2D game. A binary space partition is a type of binary tree, with the parent child relationship defined by containment. Each node of the tree represents a rectangle in two dimensions. Nodes either have two or zero children and the union of the rectangles of the children are equivalent to the parent's rectangle. Data is stored in the node with the smallest rectangle that contains the point defined by its keys.

The file BinarySpacePartition.java contains the outline for a binary space partition. It does not use generics for specifying keys. Instead, it assumes that keys are doubles. It also only has put and to string methods becuase it will not be used as a generic map. Complete the methods of the BinarySpacePartition class as specified in the comments. There is no JUnit testing file for this assignment becuase of variablilty in implementation. I will test your class using the program BinarySpacePartitionTest.java.

Submission: Tar and submit your code on the course Inquire site.