CPSC 425 Spring 2008
More Information on Language Assignment


As described in the original assignment, the primary goal of your paper is to help the reader understand what is interesting about your language. At a minimum, your paper should address the following questions: Another way to think of this is to ask where your language resides in the programming language landscape and what contributions it makes.

In addition, describe your experience in learning and using this language. Particularly address what elements of this language you were able to relate to other programming languages you already knew, and what elements were entirely new to you. Again, write for an experienced programmer who does not know this language but is interested in learning a little about it.

Oral Presentation

Oral presentations will be on Tuesday, April 15, and will be organized in panels as discussed in class. Each panel will have only 30 minutes, so efficient use of time will be critical. At a minimum, each panel should include the following in their presentation: In all cases be sure to focus on important and interesting language elements.

You may find it useful to use handouts or visual aids. Please let me know of any support you need in these areas ahead of time.