CPSC 425 Spring 2008
Exploring a New Programming Language


Your assignment is to research, install, use and report on an interesting programming language that you do not already know and that we are not studying in this class. Each of these requirements is explained below: In both the paper and the oral presentation the emphasis should be on what makes this language interesting and/or useful. A dry accounting of language features is not acceptable.


Your grade for this assignment will be divided as follows: Additional guidelines for each of these components will be provided separately.


The project will have several intermediate deadlines as shown below:

Tuesday, March 11 -- Project assigned
Tuesday, March 18 -- Topic proposal due with bibliography, including copies of or links to scholarly papers
Thursday, March 27 -- Programming projects assigned
Thursday, April 3 -- Draft of paper due
Thursday, April 11 -- Oral presentations
Tuesday, April 15 -- Paper and programs due