CPSC 170 PostLab 1: Voting Stations

due Friday Jan 19

In SmallTown, USA, there is fierce competition among the voting stations to see who has the best turnout for big elections. Write a program that asks the user how many voting stations there are, then prompts for and reads in the number of votes cast at each station. The stations should be numbered starting at 1. Then do the following:

A run of your program might look like this:

How many polling stations are there?
Enter votes for station 1: 10
Enter votes for station 2: 9
Enter votes for station 3: 15
Enter votes for station 4: 13
Enter votes for station 5: 22
Enter votes for station 6: 18

Sum of even stations: 40
Sum of odd stations: 47
Odd beats even!

** Totaling ranges of stations **
Enter first station number: 1
Enter second station number: 4
Sum for stations 1 to 4 is 47
Keep going? (y/n) 

Enter first station number: 4
Enter second station number: 5
Sum for stations 4 to 5 is 35
Keep going? (y/n)

Enter first station number: 3
Enter second station number: 2
Sum for stations 3 to 2 is 0
Keep going? (y/n)


Be sure to document your program appropriately.