CPSC 170 Spring 2007
Assign 2 : Sudoko Solver


We are going to write a program that can be used to solve Sudoku puzzles.  Typically the puzzle is defined as follows:

To Do

When humans try to solve Sudoku puzzles, they rely on the existing numbers and logical reasoning to solve the puzzle.   In contrast,  the program that you are going to write relies on the speed of the computer to simply try all possible combinations until a valid solution can be found.  

You will need to do the following:


One of the things that make Sudoku fun for humans to try to solve is if that they have exactly one correct solution. As you have currently implemented sudokuSolver, it gives you the first solution - but there may be others that exist. Create a variation of your program called validSudoku that verifies that there is exactly one solution.

Hand In

Create a tar file that contains your journal, your javaDoc,your java programs and any test puzzles that you created email  it to me. Submit hard copies of your journal, and your source code.