CPSC310 - Networks

Wireless Project
Manet JAR file - Version 1.7 (4.20.05)
v1.7 changelog
* Added log.props file to manet dir so MAVis will work
v1.6 changelog
* Setting the TTL on Messages is now the user's responsiblity. The TTL is an important part of all protocols, so make sure you are using it correctly. * There is no longer a limit on the number of Messages you may remove from the receive queue per round. This should enhance performance significantly.
v1.5 changelog
* Environment constructors update
* Added multiple movement and message depositing settings

Manet API

AODV JAR file - Version 1.0 (3.16.05)

MAVis (Manet Visualizer) - Version 2.0 (4.18.05)

Test Scenarios

Scenario One
Test of setting up routing tables, delivering data, and handling unreachable destinations 75 rounds, 100 size, 9 broadcast radius
No movement, 28 messages deposited
15 messages should be delivered
13 messages should fail because there is no route

Scenario Two
Test of working in a moving environment 100 rounds, 100 size, 9 broadcast radius
Jittery movement, Low message volume A majority of the messages should, in theory, be delivered

Wireless Presentations
Sensor Networks
Wireless Routing Protocols
Energy-aware Networks