CPSC 170 Spring 2004
Program 2: Building Blocks


In this assignment you will write a program with a nice graphical user interface that allows the user to create, rearrange, and delete multicolored shapes. Your program should have the following capabilities:

So when the GUI starts, the user sees some buttons and an otherwise blank window. The user creates shapes by clicking in the window, changing color and shape as desired. The user moves a shape by pressing the mouse button in that shape and dragging it.

Program Structure

Structure your program as follows:

Good Advice

START EARLY!! I know I always say this, but I mean it! Do this project a piece at a time, testing carefully as you go. GUIs can get big and rather messy, so be sure you break your program into logical pieces and carefully document methods, classes, and logical portions of code. And remember, just because it works doesn't mean it's well written; a significant portion of your grade will depend on good programming style.