CPSC/Math 402: Assignment #3

Estimating the Condition Number of a Matrix

Due by 5 p.m. Friday, March 1, 2002

Do Computer Problem #2.4 on page 101 of the textbook. To do this add functions to the C++ program used in lab (this is not a requirment -- you are welcome to write your own program). Before trying to add to the program you need to be sure you understand how it works. Once you understand it, you will not need to do much extra work. Mainly you need to write routines to solve Utv = c and Lty = v. The program already has routines to find the LU decomposition and to solve a system (such as Az = y) after LU has already been computed. There are also routines to compute the matrix norms.

To do part (b) write a routine to randomly generate vectors y. Also, use at least 10 rather than 5 (5 is pretty small for an experiment involving randomness).

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