CPSC220 Assignment 8
Simple R-Tree
Due on Friday, December 3rd


Create a class that implements a simplified R-tree of spherical points. The R-tree is simplified because it does not have to optimize rectangle selection (they can be at regular intervals) and node sizes do not need to correspond to virtual memory pages. The constructor specifies the order of the of the R-tree, the ammount of overlap in rectangular regions, the maximum number of points to store in a leaf node, and the osm.xml file to read for the latitude and longitude of each point to add. The Open Street Map website has a specification of the osm.xml file. You can test your code on the two files Simple.osm.xml and AroundRC.osm.xml. Your class should also implement a method that finds the point closest to the specified point. You can use the file RTree.java as a template.

As usual, use good programming techniques. You should use good variable names, whitespace, comments, and follow the Java coding conventions. Make your code easy to read and understand by keeping lines of code and methods simple and short.

Submission: Tar your code and copy it to the directory ~bouchard/CPSC220/assign8 on cs.roanoke.edu on Friday, December 3rd.