CPSC220 Assignment 8.75
Due on Friday, December 10th


Extend your GUI Open Street Map drawing program from assignment 8.5 to include finding the shortest path between two points. The program should provide a means to allow the user to choose any two locations on the screen for start and end points. From the two user selected points the program should find the closest Open Street Map node points on the screen. Finally, it should use Dijkstra's algorithm calculate the shortest path between the user selected points and highlight the edges that make up the path. If there is no path between the points, display a message explaining this. If there are multiple shortest paths, just highlight one of them. In addition to the two test files in the last assignment you can also test your program on the larger file RoanokeValley.osm.xml.

As usual, use good programming techniques. You should use good variable names, whitespace, comments, and follow the Java coding conventions. Make your code easy to read and understand by keeping lines of code and methods simple and short.

Submission: Tar your code and copy it to the directory ~bouchard/CPSC220/assign8.75 on cs.roanoke.edu on Friday, December 10th.