CPSC220 Assignment 5
2-3 Tree
Due Before 8:40AM on Friday, October 15th


Create a class that implements a 2-3 tree using generics. You can use the file TwoThreeTree.java as a template for your class. Your class must implement all of the methods as specified in the comments of the TwoThreeTree.java file. You can use either an array or a linked implementation. Use JUnit to test and verify that your class works as specified.

As usual, use good programming techniques. You should use good variable names, whitespace, comments, and follow the Java coding conventions. Make your code easy to read and understand by keeping lines of code and methods simple and short.

Submission: Tar your code and copy it to the directory ~bouchard/CPSC220/assign5 on cs.roanoke.edu by 8:40AM on Friday, October 15th.