Post Lab 4: Something Fishy
Due Friday, Sept 26 by 4:00pm

Write a Java application to display a fish of a random color that fills up the entire window (similar to the one below). The fish should completely fit in the window and scale with the window when it is resized (if the user drags the corner of the window to resize it to a tall, thin window, then the fish should also resize to tall, thin fish that fits in the window). The fish must have a body, a tail, and at least 3 bubbles coming out of its mouth.

Other Requirements

As usual, use good programming techniques. You should use good variable names, constants where appropriate, whitespace, and correct indentation and alignment of statements. Documentation must include a comment for the class (it should include the @author tag and a clear, complete description of what the program does) and comments for the paint and main methods (they should include the @param tag and a description of what the method does). The program should be broken up into logical sections and each section should be documented with a brief description of what it does. Your program should use the lab4 package you created during lab.

Hand In

Turn in a printed copy of your program (the source code) and email the java file to your instructor. Be sure the subject line says cpsc120 postlab4.