CPSC 220 Fall 2006
HW 6, Part 2: Sort Detective

Tar file sorts.tar contains executables for the four sorts that you implemented in HW 5 -- bubble sort, insertion sort, quick sort, and merge sort -- labeled Sort1, Sort2, Sort3, Sort4. It also contains some data files that you might find helpful. Your job is to run these sorts on the data files as needed and use the output to determine which file corresponds to which sort. Save sorts.tar to your directory, then untar it using tar xzf sorts.tar. This will create a directory called sorts that contains the files above.

Use a table such as the one below (you may organize differently if you wish, and you may need room for additional data) to record the results of your runs. On a separate sheet, carefully explain how you arrived at your conclusions as to which sort is which. This explanation should be typed, not handwritten. Turn in both the data that you collected and your explanation.

   sort    input file time to sort