Lab 4: Post-Lab Assignment
Due Monday, October 2

Create a PostLab subdirectory of your lab4 directory for your work.

Exercise #1: Write an applet that draws a frog. Your frog should have wide ovals for the head and body, semi-circles for the eyes (sort of on top of the head). The eyes should have pupils in them (circles or semi-circles). The frog should also have a tongue (an arc). Your applet should have at least three colors in it (at a minimum the frog's body, pupils and tongue, and the background should all be different colors). Name this file, and create a corresponding .html file (just copy MoreShapes.html then make the appropriate change). View your applet using the applet viewer.

Exercise #2: Create a web page about frogs - name it FrogPage.html. It should contain a heading, some text, a relevant list, and at least one link to a relevant page.

Also create a one-row, two-column table near the top of your page. In one column put a picture of something (either you or a frog!) and in the other column put your name and at least one other piece of information (center the contents of the cells - you can use the center tag inside the cell).

Exercise #3: Embed the applet from above so that it fits in nicely in your web page.

Exercise #4: When your page and frog applet are the way you want them, copy both the web page (the FrogPage.html file) and any image files it uses, and the .class file for your frog to your public_html directory. View your page from a web browser using its URL to make sure it is correct and viewable by everyone else in the worls.

Be sure your program is documented appropriately. Turn in hardcopy of your .java and .html files, plus a printout of your page as viewed from a browser. Be sure that your .java, .class, and .html files reside in your public_html directory so that your instructor can access them. Email a tar file of your postlab directory to your instructor.