CPSC 220 Fall 2005
Program 2: More Games


In program 1 you wrote a program that took a list of lacrosse teams and a file of results and recreated the schedule for each of the teams. In this assignment you will expand that program so that the game information can also be accessed efficiently by date.


Enhance your code from program 1 as follows:

Input and Output

As in program 1, you will take your input from files teams.dat and scores.dat. Your program will again be interactive; you should provide a menu-driven interface so that in addition to getting the schedule for a given team, the user can do the following:


You will need to write a balanced search tree class to store your games by date. You may use an AVL tree or a red-black tree, as you prefer. Note that both of these are special kinds of binary search trees, so they should extend a BST class. And you're in luck; here is code for a generic BST class for you to build on. Note that it implements the BST interface and relies on the standard BTNode class. You may need to enhance to BTNode class to hold additional information at each node.

As on program 1, you may consult with each other on this program but you may not copy significant amounts of code from each other or from anywhere else. In particular, you are expected to write your own balanced tree class.

Turn in hardcopy and e-mail me a tar file.