CPSC 120B -- Assignment #1

Landscape Cost Estimator
Due Friday, September 24, 2004 by 4 p.m.

Your friend is going into the landscape business and wants help in estimating the materials, cost, and time needed to build stone retaining walls and steps for customers. You volunteer to put your newly acquired programming skills to work and write a Java program to do the calculations.

Your friend gives you the following information:

For each job, the customer specifies the length of the wall (in feet), the minimum height of the wall (also in feet), the width of each step (in feet), and the number of steps. Hence the input will be these four quantities.

Output Your friend wants the following information computed and printed out in a nice easy to read format with all values labeled appropriately (similar to that below but you should choose your own way of formatting).

Sample Output Suppose the customer wants a wall 20 feet in length by 4 feet high and needs 4 steps each 3.5 feet wide.

Project Specifications:
A 20 foot retaining wall 4 feet high with 4 steps each 3.5 feet wide.

Material, Cost, and Time Estimates:

Number of stones for the wall:  102
Number of stones for the steps:  12
Number of tons of wall stones:    3
Number of wall stones left over: 18

Total cost of stones:             $ 346.50
Cost of Miscellaneous materials:  $ 259.88
Cost of Labor:                    $1,327.50
TOTAL:                            $1,933.88

Estimated Time:  1 week, 2 days, and 3 hours


Academic Integrity Reminder!!! Programming assignments are to be your own work. You may get help on the specifics of the assignment from no one except the instructor. You may not show your program to anyone or look at anyone else's program or share ideas with anyone about how to write the program.