CPSC 120B: Programming Assignment 4
Playing Chance-It

Due Friday, December 10, 2005 by 4:00 p.m.

In this project you will write a GUI-based program that plays a modified version of a game called Chance-It. The game involves two players who play in rounds. In your program one player will be the computer and the other will be the human user of the program.

The rules of the game:


  1. Your program must have a GUI for the user to interact with. We'll do a preliminary design of the GUI in class.
  2. Your program must use classes appropriately (we'll also work on a design in class). Click here for the design document which has links to the dice classes and snowman classes.
  3. Your program (and all classes) must adhere to good programming practices. See the requirements on earlier assignments for details.
  4. Your program must be thoroughly tested.

    Document any errors you are aware of !

    Any problems that arise in your testing that you don't have time to fix should be documented either in the internal documentation of the program (write it in the header documentation of the class or the main program) OR in a separate document. Such errors should be described in clear complete English sentences. Undocumented errors will be penalized more than documented errors.

Grading: The GUI with non-functioning buttons (30%), the game and its interaction with the GUI (46%), graphical dice with dots (8%), good programming and testing (16%).

Academic Integrity Reminder: Programming assignments are to be your own work. You may get help on the specifics of the assignment from no one except the instructor.

Hand in: A printed copy of all program files. Tar the directory containing your work and send the tar file to ingram@roanoke.edu.