Lab 4: Post-Lab Assignment
Due Friday, October 1

Write an applet that draws a pie chart showing the percentage of household income spent on various expenses. Use the percentages below:

Rent and Utilities35%
Each section of the pie should be in a different color, of course. Label each section of the pie with the category it represents -- the labels should appear outside the pie itself.

Embed your applet in an HTML document about managing expenses. It should contain a heading, some text, a relevant list, and at least one link to a relevant page. Your name should also appear somewhere on the page. Embed the applet so that it fits in nicely.

Document your program appropriately. Turn in hardcopy of your .java and .html files, plus a printout of your page as viewed in Mozilla (WARNING: There have been some problems with the applet not showing up when printed. We hope to have this fixed soon but if your pie chart doesn't print don't worry about it). Be sure that your .java, .class, and .html files reside in your public_html directory so that your instructor can access them. Email a copy of the .java and .html files (or a tar file of your postlab directory) to your instructor.