CPSC 220 Fall 2002
Program 4: Chasing Links


In this part of the project you will modify your ProcessQueries class so that instead of reading a list of URLs from a file, it reads a single URL from the command line and follows links from that page to find other pages to search. You did much of the work for this program in the lab about finding links in HTML files.

Program Structure

Write a class called URLQueue with the following public methods: Note that no public enqueue method is needed.

Modify your ProcessQueries class so that it takes a string representing a URL (along with the ignore file) from the command line, creates a URLQueue, and uses the URLs taken off the queue to search for the queries. As a third command line argument, take the maximum number of URLs to search -- otherwise the tree-building process will not terminate!

What to Turn In

Turn in hardcopy for each of your new classes, and any previous classes that you modified (including ProcessQueries). Also tar your directory and e-mail it to bloss@roanoke.edu. The subject should be cpsc220 prog4.