CPSC 220 Fall 2002
Program 2, Part 1: An Input Scanner

Write a class Scanner with the following interface: The Scanner constructor opens the given file for reading text. Method nextToken() returns the next token in the file. For our purposes a token will be a single non-alphabetic and non-numeric character, such as punctuation, or a string of contiguous alphabetic and numeric characters up until whitespace or end of file is encountered. Keep in mind that whitespace may include spaces, tabs, and end-of-lines, and may be encountered at any place, and in any combination, in the file.

Write a class TestScanner that prompts for and reads in a filename, then lists the tokens in that file, one per line. At the end it should print the total number of tokens found in the file. If an IOException is encountered either in creating the scanner or in reading a token, your program should print an appropriate error message and terminate.

What to Turn In

Turn in hard copy of your Scanner.java and TestScanner.java classes. Also tar your directory and e-mail it to bloss@roanoke.edu (NOT bloss@cs.roanoke.edu). IMPORTANT: The subject should be cpsc220 prog2 pt1.