CPSC 220 Fall 2002
Program 1: Iterators over Binary Trees

Write a binary tree class called BinaryTree with the following interface: Use a queue to construct each iterator, which means you will also need to write a Queue class. Do not include an iterator in your Queue class (or if you do, don't use it in your BinaryTree class).

Testing your Iterators

File BTTest.class contains a program that creates the following tree and uses its four iterators to print preorder, inorder, and postorder traversals:
                        /  \
                       25  30
                      /  \
                     15   20
                    /  \
                   5   10
You may copy this file and use it initially to test your BinaryTree class. (Be sure that you name your BinaryTree methods exactly as given above.) However, when you think your BinaryTree class is correct, write your own test class MyBTTest that constructs the tree below and uses its iterators to print the traversals:
                          / \
                         C   D
                      / \
                     F   G


Include the usual progam header (file name, your name, description of program), plus a header for each method describing its parameters and return value, if any, and its function. Also document any potantially unclear portions of code.

What to Turn In

Turn in hard copy of your Queue.java, BinaryTree.java, and MyBTTest.java classes. Also tar your directory and e-mail it to bloss@roanoke.edu (NOT bloss@cs.roanoke.edu). IMPORTANT: The subject should be cpsc220 prog1.