Lab 8 Post-Lab Assignment

Due Friday, November 1, 2002

Write a Java application that processes information about a fundraising event. Suppose several student organizations raise funds for some cause. Your program's job is to do the following:

Your program should be written with a sentinel controlled loop. The loop should continue until the user enters q or Q (short for quit) for the name of the organization. Note: Since the loop is controlled just by the name of the organization that is the only thing that should be read in before the loop (the initialization). The amount raised can then be read in first thing inside the loop. Then at the bottom of the loop read in the next name. If that name isn't q or Q the loop will continue and the amount raised for that organization will be read in at the top of the loop. This way you won't be asking the user for the amount raised when they want to quit.

Be sure your program is appropriately documented!