Lab 1: Post-Lab Assignment

Due Friday, September 6, 2002

Get into your lab1 subdirectory and create a new directory named PostLab. The assignment is to write a Java program that prints a table with a list of at least 5 students together with their grades earned (lab points, bonus points, and the total) in the format below.

==          Student Points          ==

Name            Lab     Bonus   Total
----            ---     -----   -----
Joe             43      7       50
William         50      8       58
Mary Sue        39      10      49

The requirements for your program are as follows:
  1. You must print the border on the top as illustrated (using the slash and backslash characters).
  2. You must use tab characters to get your columns aligned and you must use the + operator both for addition and string concatenation.
  3. Make up your own student names and points! The ones shown are just for illustration purposes. You need 5 names.
  4. Document your program by putting comments at the beginning that include:
    1. The full pathname for the source file of the program.
    2. The name of the author of the program (that is you!).
    3. The date the program is due.
    4. A brief description of the purpose of the program.

First plan your program, then type it in using emacs and save it in the PostLab directory. Compile and run the program to make sure it works correctly.

HAND IN: A printout of your program and email an electronic copy to the mail account for your lecture instructor ( for Dr. Bloss or for Dr. Ingram) with a subject of cpsc120 post1.